The mighty Victoria Falls is our first point of call when we arrive in Zimbabwe. Its the dry season but the water pouring over the falls is magnificant. Theres wild animals walking around but we’re getting used to that now anyway. The temperatures are still very hot and drinking water is a must. Weve been placed in a 5 star resort of all places and its got magnificant views over into Zambia.

The first morning 3 of us have decided to go elephant riding. We are picked up at 6.30am and taken to these gentle but mighty beasts for a ride through the bushes. A guide with a gun is in front because , again, there are wild animals lurking. Indeed, we stumble on a herd of buffalo but to them, all they see is elephants and not us on their backs so they stay quiet. An hour later we disembark and are treated to breakfast under the trees by the river. Its serene in the early morning and theres only 5 of us there.

Next we are taken to walk with 2 lion cubs. I say cubs because they are only 18 months old but , trust me, one swipe or put a foot wrong and you’re dead. They behave themselves fortunately and are just adorable. Kodak moments aplenty. Its getting hot and they are getting lazy so , my friend, Loes, and I have an appoitment for some pampering.

We are dropped off at a lodge and taken down to the back garden where we are treated to 2 hours of facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. Theres no soft , cushy beds with fluffy blankets and soft music. Its a hard board ( which becomes harder as time progresses….but who cares !! ) and only a sheet to cover. The sunlight filters through the trees above and theres a warm breeze. Strangers are wandering about but we pay them no mind …theres more important things at hand afterall. trying to stay awake is a real mission and its over far too quick.

A quick bite back at the resort then off to shower and dress for the sunlight cruise on the Zambezi River. Again theres hippos and elephants….ho hum….

The decision to go to the markets the next day is a fiasco. Pressure..pressure…pressure…they are all out to get a dollar. Ive taken some socks and t shirts to trade and I have luck but …what a performance in the afternoon heat. I got what I wanted but was it worth the hassle ???

I must saqy the people here in Zimbabwe are very friendly. They are some of the most accommodating people I have come across since being in Africa. And at no time have I felt unsafe. The bad part, apparently, is 100 km from here.

Tour #2 has finished and our group has gone their separate ways. We had a very friendly bunch this time and all got on well together with lots of laughs. Even the crew said we were the best ( but they would ). One remains with me and thats my new friend, Loes, from Holland. Shes carrying on with me and the new crew and travellers ( who we are yet to meet as I write this ) until we get to Nairobi in 3 weeks time.

Tonight her and I are going to a very African restaurant where, we are told , they will have live African music , drums and dancing. Participation is encouraged !! Uhh…oohh..

Watch this space 🙂