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Kenya Safari Packages

I combine my passion for wildlife photography with sharing what I see and do with others from around the world, writing personalised itineraries that showcase Kenya’s beauty.

From USD $3044 pp

4 Day Safari Retreat

“Thank you for making our trip so special, I couldn't recommend (and I do often) your safari highly enough. Each day just got better than the last.”

From USD $2505 pp

5 Day Package

“The range of animals and birds we saw over the 5 days had to be seen to be believed.”

From USD $3740 pp

7 Day Package

“What impressed me most about travelling in Kenya with Robyn is how capable and meticulous she is at organising safari trips and how informed she is about African wildlife and the various national parks that are on her itinerary.”

From USD $5220 pp

10 Day Package

“I gained an appreciation for the ‘law of nature’ within the animal kingdom, and a respect for the people that I met along the way.”

From USD $7435 pp

14 Day Package

“A highlight was seeing 100–200 elephants crossing a river, then lingering around our van.”

From USD $11,045 pp

21 Day Package

“Our stay took us into eight National Parks and included a mind-blowing concert in Nairobi by a troupe of the most athletic and artistic performers I have ever seen.”