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African Adventures

“There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

Africa Revisited – Victoria Falls to Nairobi

The crew have gone and it’s free time to do whatever our individual plans are. I think it’s time I get these braids tidied up a bit so get taken into town to a salon. It’s a bit different to what I’m used to back home but the job gets done and soon I’m back at the lodge. While I’m sitting eating lunch, I recognise one of the drivers from another truck. It’s my guide from 2010!! And he still remembers me.

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Africa Revisited – Africa 2012

It started as a thought…then an action …then a WIN. It is with thanks to OVERLANDING AFRICA and NOMAD ADVENTURE TOURS in South Africa that it was made possible for me to make this trip after winning their competition.

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Kenyan Highlights

Tour #4 begins in Nairobi. There were supposed to be 3 of us but the others cancelled at the last minute. It’s just me!!!! Me and the driver. We’re in a pop-top van this time… no big overland truck.

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Into Tanzania

It’s an early start this morning for our long drive to the Tanzanian border. It takes two days to get to Kerepehu Beach on the other side of Dar Es Salaam. It’s the final days of Ramadan here and when we arrive in Dar its early evening and the streets are full of muslims eating after a day of fasting.

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From Zimbabwe to…

It’s ok children….. your mother did not disgrace herself on her night out. Loes and I went to The Boma… a very african restaurant. On entry we were given a colourful wrap to wear and escorted to our table and complimentary zulu beer. Our dinner consisted of african fare… warthog, ostrich, kudu, and accompanying salads, etc. There was entertainment in the way of drummers… fantastic !

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The mighty Victoria Falls is our first point of call when we arrive in Zimbabwe. It’s the dry season but the water pouring over the falls is magnificent. There’s wild animals walking around but we’re getting used to that now anyway. The temperatures are still very hot and drinking water is a must. We’ve been placed in a 5 star resort of all places and it’s got magnificent views over into Zambia.

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On to Namibia

We leave the greenness of Capetown behind and head NW towards the Namibian border. There’s a new crew, a new truck and new fellow travellers. The landscape quickly changes and becomes dry and arid. After a stop at a local winery we eventually arrive at the border.

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The African Village

An introduction to the african culture began with a visit to a zulu village. There is a patriarch and matriarch and numerous young children. Who they belong to or what relationship they hold was not told to us.

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Animals and more

I meet my fellow travellers… there are two guides, Michieu and Gabriel ( both young sth africans ) and twelve in the group including me. An Australian couple, an Italian couple, one from Austria and the rest from Germany. Unfortunately this majority would later create cultural difficulties within the group which ended in tension.

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Here at last

Well, fellow friends and followers….I am finally here in Africa. The 35 hour flight on Emirates A380 was a breeze. The staff are highly professional and friendly which made it a pleasure to fly.

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It’s the beginning of July and it’s countdown !! Yee haaa…finally. It’s been years in the making. I’m vaccinated, documented, seated, insured, accommodated, tested, financially depleted but very excited.

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